About Zia's Trattoria


Zia’s Trattoria is a classic Chicago Italian restaurant dedicated to producing authentic Italian cuisine in the Edison Park community. The rustic wood floors, crisp white tablecloths, exposed brick walls, and a touch of charm creates the Zia’s that we all know and love.

The inspiration behind Zia’s Trattoria (or Aunt’s Table in Italian) came from executive chef Joe Calabrese’s culinary adventures to Italy and two of its most well-known regions; Tuscany and Liguria. To the benefit of diners in Edison Park and across Chicago, Joe picked up a few cooking techniques and recipes that eventually made their way to the tables of Zia’s.

One of the charming features of Zia’s Trattoria is that each room presents its own unique personality. The warm and inviting bar area is dressed in rich wood accents. Several comfortable seating areas are to be found, each with a good view of bustling downtown Edison Park. It’s spacious enough for an after-work gathering of co-workers or a cozy, light lunch with a friend. The rest of Zia’s is comprised of several intimate dining areas. The open kitchen area in the back of the restaurant adds another dash of charm and comfort.

A classic Chicago Italian restaurant

About Joe Calabrese

Joe is Zia’s Executive Chef and owner. He was professionally trained at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America located in New York State. Before opening Zia’s Trattoria in 1997, he was sharpening his professional – and knife – skills at several well-respected Chicago dining establishments including Ambria, Spiagia, and the Park Hyatt.

Joe lives in Park Ridge, a few short miles from Zia’s Trattoria, so you can be assured that your dinner will always be served on time. When he’s not in the kitchen crafting new dishes, Joe is probably at home with his wife, Mary Kay, and his three boys, Joey, Michael, and John Taylor. The children have grown up. Joey, the oldest, has graduated from Indiana University and now works in the restaurant industry. Michael, their special child, currently resides at Misericordia 5 days per week and spends the other 2 days at home in Park Ridge. Michael is a frequent diner at all the family restaurants. The youngest, J.T. is currently in high school and plays football, hockey & lacrosse.